[nSLUG] Upcoming meeting + a juicy question

robbie macg robbie.macg at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 16:58:55 ADT 2013

Hey gang,
1- I'm starting to get really psyched for this month's meet up! I've
just changed jobs, no longer have to work Monday nights, will be able
to attend NSLUG events on the regular!
I wasn't able to get my act in gear this time around, but I might
pitch a brief talk about the use of fail2ban to thwart botnets for
next month. Anybody else have to do anything fun/interesting during
that big WordPress attack this summer?

2- I'm wondering if anybody with a better grasp of networking stuff
wants to help me figure out where I'm dropping the ball with a little
project I’m working on.
I'm trying to  back up some files to a shared work server via 'rdiff-backup'.
I have the relevant directory mounted locally, can see/copy file to a
dav directory via Nautilus no problem. When I try to 'cp' material or
use 'rdiff-backup' I get a whole whack of errors.
I've tried calling the destination variously:
I've tried various levels of privileges, etc.
Any thoughts on why I can move material around via GUI and not using
command line tools? Am I referring to the dav incorrectly (bad path)?
I don't think that's likely the case as my first 'rdiff*' action
created a directory on the dav (but failed to copy files).
*Note that this is an ownCloud directory, so I want to avoid
workarounds that involve me copying directly to the data directory and
breaking the database in the process.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

p.s. Let me know if you want to see a paste of my error msgs.

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