[nSLUG] Ubuntu unpredictable 'Top Panel' changes

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 29 09:28:12 ADT 2013

When I boot Ubuntu, the GRUB menu heading reads "GNU GRUB version
1.98-1ubuntu13", and the default menu selection is "Ubuntu, with Linux".  When I boot this version, the "Top Panel", the bar
at the top of the screen, usually contains a number of headings and
'applets'.  From left to right are 'Applications', 'Places', 'System',
an icon representing the Python IDE, an icon for Firefix, the Help icon,
a Speaker icon, and the Mail icon.  When I booted the system a short
time ago this morning, the 'Mail' icon was absent.  I have had this
happen in the past with the 'Shutdown' icon, which normally appears at
the top right of the screen, and the solution has usually been to just
shutdown using a terminal screen, or to just power off; when I
re-booted, the missing icon usually re-appears.  I did just click the
shutdown icon this morning and selected 'Restart', and sure enough, the
'Mail' icon re-appeared.
My point is, can anyone explain this nuisance behavior, and suggest a
way to prevent it?  I last applied an update to the system two weeks
ago, so that should not be the cause.
Frank Geitzler

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