[nSLUG] [OT] Net connectivity problem (Attn. sys admins)

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Sun Apr 28 04:31:59 ADT 2013

On 2013-04-28 04:12 wrote Mike Spencer:
> [2] POP3 server at MyISP
> resolves to the same IP address from both dialup accounts.

Maybe that is the problem? Shouldn't it resolve to an internal IP
address when you dial in with your MyISP, but to a public IP address
when you dial your OtherISP?

> [3] OtherISP switched to PAP without notification last year.  Peggy's
>     Windoes box somehow accommodated itself without comment.  I spent
>     a week picking through docs and manpages and tcpdumps to figure
>     out what they'd done and then re-write the dialer script. Big
>     corporation, y'know. Nobody on the help desk even knew what I was
>     talking about. When a Help Guy told me some things that were
>     blatantly counterfactual, I gave up on them.

Does the name start with B- and end on -ell? Had similar issues with
them on DSL. Moved over to Eastlink.

Daniel AJ

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