[nSLUG] Re: MPlayer subtitle problem

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Apr 26 03:22:11 ADT 2013

Daniel Morrison wrote:

> I agree the mplayer man page is frustratingly terse! And I don't
> really understand much of it. I am however impressed with the
> knowledge and effort the mplayer folks have put into creating it.

A stunning amount of knowledge and effort, yes. And it works!  AFAICR,
there's been a work-around for every problem I've encountered (witness
the recent exchange) except for one: a DVD with Spanish subtitles
that wouldn't go away and English subs for a completely different
movie. (I couldn't tell if the Korean subs were right or not. :-)  But
now that I've learned a little about mencoder, I'll have to get it
back from my son and have another go at it.

> So... like a cmd-line based wiki? That's a fabulous idea! Will have to
> think about it some...

Well, at the risk of whatever street cred I might have, I can send you
the script, from which you can deduce how it works.  Thing is, it's
been growing incrementally, patched, kludged & botched since ca. '94,
ported from DOS to Linux and kludged some more.  So it's ugly.  But it
serves me well. I suppose I should do a nice tidy re-write.  RSN.

- Mike

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