[nSLUG] MPlayer subtitle problem

Herb Theriault herbt at theria.ca
Wed Apr 24 22:52:26 ADT 2013

720x480 would indicate a letterboxed version of the film to fit a 4x3 frame. IMDB reference is pretty good. You could always cross reference with tmdb :-) 

Mike, apologies for the non plain text version of the email. I haven't been able to find the text only setting on the android mail client yet.

Daniel Morrison <draker at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 2013-04-24 18:52, mspencer at tallships.ca wrote:
>>> In my experience with aspect ratios, leaving mencoder to it's own
>>> devices usually works. In this case, HenryV is 1.85:1, not
>>> anamorphic.
>DVD @ 720/480 is 1.5, not 1.85. Are you sure HenryV is not anamorphic? I
>wouldn't trust the IMDB tech specs. Use the source, Luke! (in this case the
>DVD media in hand).
>> On closer scrutiny of last night's effort, I see that faces (which are
>> the most important part of a piece like Henry V, aren't they?) are all
>> squished horizontally, too tall & narrow.  Not unwatchable but enough
>> to be annoying.
>> Maybe I can get a better rip before movie time tonight.
>If you don't get a new rip, you can try to play it back with:
>mplayer -aspect 1.85 henryv.avi
>BTW I'm keen on mplayer/mencoder (obviously) but I forgot to say: if all
>this seems like a lot of wasted time, you could "just use handbrake"! :)
>It's really quite good.
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