[nSLUG] Re: MPlayer subtitle problem

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Apr 24 19:10:20 ADT 2013

Daniel Morrison wrote:

> I'd be happy to answer mplayer encoding questions any time. 

Splendid! Now I have to try to formulate a meaningful question or
two. :-/

> I've delved into it quite deeply.

And this is my maiden voyage with mencoder.

> I highly recommend this document:
>    http://mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/encoding-guide.html
> which is huge, but at the end your movie rip will be perfect. 

Can't ask more than that, can we?  Good pointer, tnx.

> The man page is also quite good (and very long).

Yes, and consists 80% of (very terse) stuff about digital media that I
don't understand.  Well, you never learn anything if you don't read
and re-read stuff you don't understand, do you?

Your post is so full of useful bits that I'm pasting it into my local
mplayer manpage -- stuff picked out of the very long mplayer(1) and
commented. [1]

- Mike

[1] It might be worthy of note that I have my own mann command that
    looks up manpage-like docs that I've created myself, fetched from
    the net or assembled from list posts and the like. It works in
    parallel with the canonical man(1) and re-acquaints me with arcana
    that I've figured out once but forgotten. If I can just remember
    to *write stuff down* and put cross-references to mnemonic key
    words in the see-also file, it works a charm.

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