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Herb Theriault herbt at theria.ca
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Seconded on the two pass encoding. It turns out a much better image.

In my experience with aspect ratios, leaving mencoder to it's own devices usually works. In this case, HenryV is 1.85:1, not anamorphic. Usually you will notice when it's not right anyway, it will either be stretched or squished, never cropped, since that requires a separate flag.

When in doubt, IMDB the tech specs, then wiki the aspect :-) 



Daniel Morrison <draker at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 2013-04-24 02:35, mspencer at tallships.ca wrote:
>> I think I have a movie with working subtitles!
>I'd be happy to answer mplayer encoding questions any time. I've delved
>into it quite deeply. I highly recommend this document:
>which is huge, but at the end your movie rip will be perfect. The man page
>is also quite good (and very long).
>However I will admit that interlacing is the hairiest subject of them all
>and unfortunately, the person with the DVD has to do the work to figure it
>out! All guesses without access to the source material are, well, just
>guesses. Take a look at pullup and softskip in the man page, I think.
>If you use '-frames 240', mencoder will do only 10 seconds (@24fps) then
>quit. You can also use edl (edit decision list) commands to make mencoder
>encode only 10 seconds from a particular scene, as a test. Although I've
>always found mplayer's edl system a bit buggy...
>The '-ni' seems applicable to .avi playback, not encoding, so I'm not
>certain it really did anything...?
>It occurs to me right away that you're directly encoding the video without
>any scaling. This probably results in the highest quality, but 1) most
>times a re-encode into mpeg4 is scaled down to make the file size
>manageable, e.g. 700MB movie, and 2) you're encoding at DVD native
>resolution (720x480), which is almost certainly not the correct aspect
>ratio if the DVD is anamorphic (most films are). There is an mplayer
>specific hack that allows mplayer to preserve the aspect ratio so you may
>not have noticed this (although I thought it took effect only if you
>specified the 'autoaspect' option?). But it doesn't work for any other
>player. You can also get around this by using a modern container format
>like .mkv instead of the ancient .avi.
>Normally when ripping movies (to .avi) you would explicitly rescale to an
>appropriate size and aspect ratio assuming square pixels, e.g. -vf
>scale=640:352. Note 352 is divisible by 16. This takes precedence over
>getting an exact 16:9 aspect ratio (should be 640:360, but 360 is not
>divisible by 16...)
>I also recommend two-pass encoding. Using -lavcopts ...:vpass=1:turbo -o
>/dev/null makes the first pass fast. It writes a log file used to optimize
>bit use for the second pass: -lavcopts ...:vpass=2 -o final.avi
>Many guides also recommend the 'trell' option for quality, and if you're
>going to use mbd>0 you may as well turn on v4mv. (Not that I really know
>what these things do; just paraphrasing the man page).
>Here's a sample (second pass) of the options I've used in the past (no I
>don't remember what most of these do and they may not be optimal but I did
>look them all up at one time, and I've followed my recipe notes ever since):
>mencoder -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts
>-vf pullup,softskip,hqdn3d=3:2:5,scale=448:256 -o /dvdimages/ep1.avi dvd://
>This was fitting a 45 minute widescreen tv episode from DVD into 350 MB,
>preserving original 5.1 audio. I've often done audio encoding to .mp3 along
>with the video if it's just stereo, but for surround I think it's better to
>do -oac copy as you have done.
>Have fun!
>> Haven't watched all
>> the way through (tomorrow night's movie with Peggy :-) but it sails
>> right past the problem spot, correctly displaying subs, in sync, from
>> the .srt file.
>> The successful incantation was to rip the movie from the DVD with:
>>         mencoder dvd://1 -ni -o henry.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc \
>>                  -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=1:vbitrate=1800
>> arrived at by cook-booking from the manpage plus trial & error.  Tried
>> some other incantations first, all of which slowed to a snail's pace
>> about halfway through the movie and/or emitted error
>> messages. Guessing (from mencoder messages) that it was the -ni (no
>> interlace) that fixed it, possibly at the expense of not-quite-perfect
>> video. Mencoder remains intimidating, what with so many options that I
>> don't understand and having to wait for an hour's hard CPU grinding to
>> see if some row of command line hen tracks worked.
>> But in any case, I didn't have to hard-write the subs into the .avi
>> file. HenryV.avi is now dribbling across my tediously slow LAN to the
>> computer with the nice big CRT monitor.
>> Tnx for help and pointers,
>> - Mike
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