[nSLUG] Upgrade secured for mirror.its.dal.ca

Karl Vollmer vollmer at ampache.org
Thu Apr 18 12:52:24 ADT 2013

Just to report back on my previous e-mail(s). We managed to secure funding,
and have just received the new mirror system. It'll be a week or two before
we've got it installed and the data synced over, but it'll be up soon. Many
thanks to those who provided the notes of support, we were able to secure
the remaining funding with the support of regional educational institutes.

This update is just in time, as of this morning we have < 50GB of space
left (out of 5TB). The new system has over 24TB raw, so we should be set
for space for a few more years.

We'll be restoring the repos we've recently had to remove due to space
constraints. If you have any additional projects you'd like to see mirrored
just let us know.

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