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Stephen Yorke (DN) syorke at dezignnet.com
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I have seen this junk string going on for a while now and personally, I think it is something to take in to another area and not this mailing list...

BUT...on the flip-side...
I agree with Doooh on this one.  If you look at the 'number' of people voting these days, people just do not care nor do they take the time to do it.  eVoting will bring a lot of people back.  Yes there are downfalls but there are downfalls to anything `new`...

Just think of Windows 8 which gets released in a few days...a lot of people think it is going to fail terribly...has Microsoft Windows as an OS `really` failed?  Sure there were/are some bad releases but they still get everyone's money don't they?  It is just like an election, there will ALWAYS be a bad apple every now and again.   =)

Now back to techie talk...

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I'm sorry but you guys are living in a fantasy world if you believe all those situations don't or couldn't happen outside of the evoting realm.
Perhaps, as has been suggested, as per "rituals" that we should also saddle up the horse to go into town?
Evoting may not be perfect in some of the existing implementations that exist but it represents an advancement in technology just  like online banking.  Is that also some of the "rituals" that would like to be retained here?

Perhaps if you have such oustanding ideas on the topic, maybe you should be putting your ideas forward to advance evoting and making it safe(r) instead of trying to keep the world working in a 1920's era pace by spewing how bad things are and holding everything back from advancing.

Change may not be perfect, but in most cases it is good and in some cases necessary for things to evolve. Our entire voting system barely works now, something needs to be changed if we want anything improved.


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On 2012-10-23 20:00 wrote Doug McComber:
> A bullying spouse could tell their spouse to vote a certain
> way, but once at the polls they can vote however they want.  But at
> home the controlling spouse can make them vote the way they want.

Exactly. But its not juts spouses and parents, in some places they have
"election parties" with free drinks and e-voting - sponsored by student
fraternities, political organizations or even candidates.

No pressure. No pressure at all.

Daniel AJ
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