[nSLUG] Evoting Rant

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Tue Oct 23 14:00:36 ADT 2012

On 2012-10-18 09:18 wrote Dop Ganger:
> Why are you expecting an elections officer to know the intricacies of
> SSL? If you are technical enough to be concerned about SSL fingerprints
> I am baffled why you are not talking to the technical contact for the
> domain.

Because I have to talk to the authority that is running the election,
not some IT clerk somewhere. It is up to the authority to direct me to
the right person. It is a questions of due legal process.

Besides that, the technical contact for the domain (!) halifax.ca might
have nothing to do with the server that is available at a certain
subdomain, and I doubt they have anything to do with the actual e-voting
server situated in California and available at securevote.ca.

(And the technical contact info in the whois for securevote.ca is
unreliable, as the name obviously does not match the email address
stated. BTW, I know from a failed evoting event in Austria that some of
the Scytl techs don't even speak English or German.)

But that is all besides the point, as I will explain shortly.

Daniel AJ

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