[nSLUG] Evoting Rant

Doooh Head doooh_head at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 18 09:32:38 ADT 2012

> And here is another valid issue.
> I think you are conflating the technical issues (and I see no reason why 
> an elections officer should be assumed to have a comp sci background, and 
> personally I think you should have asked for the technical contact rather 
> than throwing technical questions at the elections officer) with a genuine 
> political issue regarding the ultimate ownership of the underlying 
> elections system. In particular, I think you should be considering (as 
> someone else noted to me in a direct email) the implications of the 
> PATRIOT Act. You should be asking whether a release has been signed to 
> permit all the elections data (including personal information) to be 
> transmitted to a third party in the US, for example.

That last point alone should be at the forefront of everyone's concern here, especially considering HRM overlooked, or rather was bought out by this foreign offering instead of using a total Canadian solution.  The data would have been stored locally, retrieved from HRM locally.  It would not have left the country in any way shape or form, but instead our voter information has likely travelled to Spain several times and as has been pointed out, likely now lives in some American data storage, under control of yet another foreign entity.  That fact alone should be grounds for nullification of the entire election! IMHO.
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