[nSLUG] An Arduino Project

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 18 00:02:57 ADT 2012

I don't have an Arduino, but I recall several messages a month or so ago
by several people who had, or were getting, such a device.  I just
thought I would mention that I was reading a recent issue (October?) of
Popular Mechanics, and pages 82-83 contain a article captioned 'Got
Lights? Learn how to make LEDs shimmer with an Arduino'.  The article
suggests 'To see "how-to" video footage for this project and explore
other great creations, visit RadioShack.DIY.com'.  Drop me a note in the
next week or two if you want more info about this article.
Frank Geitzler

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