[nSLUG] List maintenance

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 18:52:44 ADT 2012

1. The archives ought to be rebuildable in a single command
('/usr/lib/mailman/bin/arch nslug') assuming you have all the posts in
an mbox in the standard location (usually

2. What the hell is nabble? Link?

3. 101 characters is a lousy width to send email at. <80 chars please!


On 1 October 2012 18:32, Ben Armstrong <synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote:
> At the meeting (still ongoing) a member mentioned that the digest was broken for him. This,
> apparently, wasn't the first time it had been mentioned, but it was the first time I took sufficient
> notice to try to figure out what was going on. So I logged in and found that the archive ownership
> was wrong (was root:www-data, now changed to list:www-data) so mailman couldn't write to it. The
> damage seems to date back to when we changed hosting at the end of last year. So, for any users who
> are on digest who just received a 709K digest of every post in 2012, my apologies. :)
> With luck, this means that from this post on, the nslug archives will now work (I mean our local
> pipermail archives -- nabble works because the Nabble list archive user is subscribed to our list).
> However, without painstaking manual reconstruction of the list archives from an external source, I
> don't see us getting the rest of 2012 back. Since Nabble does such a good job compared to pipermail
> it is hard to get very excited about such an endeavour in any case.
> Your friendly (albeit sometime delinquent ;) co-admin,
> Ben
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