[nSLUG] Re: Problem with efax & USR Faxmodem

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Nov 30 15:46:45 AST 2012

> Yeah, a DOS software programmed by a Republican running for office
> as "vote 4 BJ" - that's TOTALLY Mike's thing. :-)))

Actually, I did once work for BJ (Bud Jarvis of BJ's Foreign Auto) as a
foreign car mechanic back when "foreign car" meant something and
before "BJ" had become a popular scurrilous meme.  Bud had been an
aircraft mechanic and ship fitter in the pacific fleet in WW II. When
some eccentric professor (5 colleges/universities nearby) came in
with a car so, well, you know, so bizarre and alien [1] that most
mechanics would just gawk, Bud would say, "A man made it.  A man can
fix it." And we almost always could.

Alas, no more. Most cars and many other commonplace things are made by
robots and it is both an artifact of the process and a design feature
that there is no way to repair them at all.

ObLinux: <YADATROT> Just a reminder of how alien has become the notion
of "fixing" or repairing anything.  Hackers still debug code but
that's, in effect, at the drawing board or on the factory
floor. Possibly one of the reasons that I'm drawn to Linux, Slackware
and blacksmithing alike is that I tilt [2] toward the "hacker nature"
[3] and need to live & work with stuff that, at least potentially, I
can understand and that is, again potentially, repairable.

- Mike

[1] There was a Dutch DKW with belt drive, a French Panhard with a
    2-cylinder, aircooled, flat-opposed engine, an Amphicar, a little
    Sunbeam sports car with a huge V8 engine under the hood and more.
    We never saw even one Japanese or Korean car at BJ's.

[2] Tilt: Totally amateur computer hacker and no claim whatever to
    genius but, you know, one them kids who took his toys apart before
    playing with them?

[3] See the jargon file, AKA The Hacker's Dictionary.

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