[nSLUG] Firefox

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Nov 28 19:16:26 AST 2012

A visit to www.mozilla.org shows that I can easily [1] download the
lastest version (17 as I write) of Firefox. Unlike many other
sites, they don't have options to fetch earlier versions/releases.


  + What is the latest version of Firefox that DOES NOT do auto
    updates? [2]

  + Where could I download that version for Linux?

  + Failing that, would anyone here have the tarball for that version
    that you could pass on to me at the next Common Grounds meet or
    some other way?

  + And, er, does anyone know if auto-update can be easily disabled in
    the newer versions that implement it by default?

Really old browsers -- Netscape 4.76 and Firefox 2.0 -- work for me
almost all the time.  I've encountered one site that may benefit me
greatly for which I need up-to-date Java and other browser

- Mike

[1] Easy: Relatively. 22M over dialup is a problem.  I'll have to take
    my aged laptop to a friend's house or the library in town to do

[2] I hate auto-updates.  We can have a bunfight over whether that's a
    credible (or sane) posture over coffee. Does Common Grounds have
    suitable buns?

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