[nSLUG] Web Tech Meet Up In the Valley

Michael Caplan michael at eggplant.ws
Tue Nov 20 13:57:52 AST 2012

Hi NS LUGers,

If I am not mistaken, there is a handful of people on this list who are 
in the Valley and may be interested in a related meet up.  The group is 
called Refresh Annapolis Valley -- an opportunity for web professionals 
to come together to socialize, discuss, and build relationships.  We had 
our first event last week.  Below is a link to the event details:


And a summary of the event here:


Anyway, if anyone is interested, our next meetup will be Dec. 10 @ 7. 
I can add you to our mailing list if you like.  You can also find the 
group on Facebook and Twitter.



Refresh Annapolis Valley
A community of web designers and developers working to refresh the 
creative, technical, and professional culture of New Media endeavors in 
the Annapolis Valley while promoting design, technology, usability, and 


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