[nSLUG] python ide 'eric'

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Wed Dec 26 16:30:27 AST 2012

Hi Frank

I just checked the Debian website for the eric package. See


Even in the unstable release, they are only up to version 4.5.3. This 
suggests that either release 4.5.7 is too buggy even to be included in 
unstable, or else that no one in Debian is much interested in 
maintaining that package. Why not try another one?

apt-cache search 'python ide'


dreampie - advanced graphical interactive Python shell
eric - full featured Python IDE
eric-api-files - API description files for use with eric
gecrit - simple, easy-to-use Python IDE
pida - Python Integrated Development Application, a Python IDE
python-elements - A 2D Physics API for Python
spe - Stani's Python Editor
python-spyderlib - python IDE for scientists
spyder - python IDE for scientists

from my Debian testing installation.



Frank Geitzler wrote:
> I have just begun to go through the python tutorial, and decided to look
> into an ide.
> I installed the python ide eric4 on my Ubuntu system this past weekend,
> using the Synaptic Package Manager.  When I selected
>      Applications>  Programming>  Eric python IDE
> the Eric4 ide appeared, together with two pop-up messages (a smaller one
> in front of a larger one).
>          The smaller message read "Update available -The update to 4.5.7
> of eric4 is availablePlease ask the Debian maintainer to upgrade the
> package No/Yes"
>          The larger message read "Warning QString arg Argument missing.
> The update to 4.5.7 of eric4 is  availablePlease ask the Debian
> maintainer to upgrade the package.
> "http://sourceforge.net/projects/eric-ide/files/eric4/stable/4.5.7".
> Should I add all (or some part) of the above address to the list of
> repositories for Synaptic Package Manager, search for and select that
> update for Eric4, and install the update using Synaptic, or is there
> some better alternative?  If I have changed the list of repositories and
> installed the update, should I then remove that change from the list of
> repositories?  Would that cause future problems?
> I would appreciate your comments.
> Happy New Year!
> Frank Geitzler
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