[nSLUG] python ide 'eric'

Douglas Guptill dguptill at accesswave.ca
Wed Dec 26 15:17:38 AST 2012

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 12:20:30PM -0400, Frank Geitzler wrote:
> I have just begun to go through the python tutorial, and decided to look
> into an ide.
> I installed the python ide eric4 on my Ubuntu system this past weekend,
> using the Synaptic Package Manager.  When I selected 
>     Applications > Programming > Eric python IDE 
> the Eric4 ide appeared, together with two pop-up messages (a smaller one
> in front of a larger one).  
>         The smaller message read "Update available -The update to 4.5.7
> of eric4 is availablePlease ask the Debian maintainer to upgrade the
> package No/Yes"
>         The larger message read "Warning QString arg Argument missing.
> The update to 4.5.7 of eric4 is  availablePlease ask the Debian

Speaking from the viewpoint of a Debian (not Ubuntu) user, I long ago
decided to stick with the packages provided by the particular release.

Adding 'newer' versions of a particular piece of software often
resulted in trouble, especially when they are not from the distro.

my $0.02,
Bold character derived from stubborn patience and adversity.
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