[nSLUG] Launching various x-clients as part of Xwindows startup

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Sat Dec 22 15:38:53 AST 2012

Hi Cliff

To accomplish a setup post-login, let's look at the original example 
that I gave, which was

#! /bin/bash
# Test
gkrellm &
xeyes &
xfe -iconic &
exec /usr/bin/x-session-manager

which starts up 3 programs, gkrellm, xeyes, and xfe, as part of the startup.

To get this to happen post-login, simply replace the last line with 
"exit", to obtain

#! /bin/bash
# Test
gkrellm &
xeyes &
xfe -iconic &

and run this script post-login.

Suppose you named this script


The most straightforward way to run it would be to open a terminal 
window and issue

PostLoginSetup &

but this is not very elegant. In xfce, I would add a "launcher" to the 
taskbar and set up this launcher to execute PostLoginSetup. Clicking on 
the launcher icon in the panel would then run the script.

I expect that other desktop environments have equivalent mechanisms for 
getting scripts executed, YMMV.

Whichever method you choose (the one that suits you best), you can 
always go to the other method very simply.

Hope this helps.


Cliff Cameron wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> Thanks for taking the time to step me through that. I'll be picking away
> at over the holidays, and this seems like a good, solid direction to go in.
> Before I dive in, I just want to get feedback on a thought I had,
> reading your input and re-reading my original message.
> Specifically, under Scope, the line "run at startup".
> It occurs to me that this would not necessarily have to be run as part
> of the startup process per se, but could be run after the user has
> finished logging into a window session; that is, they've logged in,
> whatever default actions that happen on login have run, and they are
> sitting idle on the "desktop". At that point, they could double-click an
> icon or something of that nature to trigger the script(s) (or whatever
> method is used).
> My question is, would it be easier to accomplish this post-login (as
> I've just described) as opposed to making it part of the start-up
> process (my original thought, and the basis for your outline)?
> There might be some additional flexibility in NOT having the script run
> automatically on startup (user could be logging in and doesn't require
> the "work setup" to be launched), but I'd be happy either way. Just
> curious if it might be easier to do the launch post-login, and if so,
> what would that look like?
> Thoughts?
> Thanks again!
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