[nSLUG] Further to my 'Evolution email sending error with Sympatico'

Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 21 14:01:39 AST 2012

After shutting down for lunch and then starting up again, I discover
that when I restarted Evolution, my email messages were successfully
sent.  The following is a draft copy of the message I sent out before
noon, using Aliant Webmail at that time:
I would still like an explanation of what might have gone wrong, if
anyone can think of one.
Frank Geitzler

I have been using 'Evolution' under UBUNTU with Sympatico for several
years.  This morning, I received several email messages, but when I
attempted to send one, I received the following message each time I
select the Send/Receive icon:

     Error while Sending message.

     Welcome response error:

     torspm02.toronto.rmgopenwave.com connection refused

     from []

Because I was sending my message from Dartmouth to another Sympatico
user at an address in Halifax, I don't know why 'toronto' should appear
in the error message, but to test my 'message sending' capability, I
composed and sent a message to myself, at
frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca.  The error message re-appeared, but now
contains two copies of the above        "Welcome response error:... from
[]" -probably one copy from each of my two 'send' attempts.
Neither message appears in my 'sent' folder, so the 'send' was
incomplete.  I called Sympatico support, and they were of no assistance;
'Evolution?', 'Linux?', never had anything to do with them...

They suggested I try webmail, so have composed this message there -but
obviously, that is only a bypass, not a solution.

Incidentally, while I was composing this, I decided to see if the
problem might be with the Sympatico client list, since first message
(and my message to myself) were both to Sympatico addresses.  I created
another message to an Eastlink recipient, sent it using Evolution, and
again received the above error message, containing now three copies of
the same     "Welcome response error:... from []" text.
Meanwhile, I have successfully received several email messages on
Evolution while I was composing this message

Can anyone suggest what might have suddenly gone wrong today?  Frank

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