[nSLUG] Advice / comfort on rebooting ubuntu box

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Dec 5 10:57:36 AST 2012

On 12/05/2012 10:43 AM, Miles Thompson wrote:
> I believe the following are the correct steps, would appreciate
> confirmation:
> $uname -mrs returns
>    Linux 2.6.32-33-generic x86_64
> The most recent image, from the listing provided by
>    dpkg --list | grep linux-image
> is
>    linux-image-2.6.32-45-generic   2.6.32-45.100 
> From reading various posts I am lead to understand that issuing
>    sudo shutdown -r
> will reboot the box and load the latest image, which I will check with
> uname -mrs
> After that I can delete older images by executing than
>   $ apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-33-generic 
> and working my way up to, but not including the image used after the
> reboot. 
> Am I on the right track?

Sounds reasonable. A variant you might consider is "up to, but not
including the image version immediately preceding the one used after the
reboot". This gives you a safety net, should the current kernel for some
reason suddenly become inoperable.

Another thing to consider is checking all packages that start with
"linux-" or include the string "2.6" in the name to if there are any
related packages (kernel headers, out-of-tree kernel modules) associated
with old kernel versions that you can nuke at the same time.


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