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Hello Stephen:

Oh...pointers into a new world.  Many thanks.


On Tue, Dec 04, 2012 at 09:03:19PM -0500, Stephen Gregory wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 6:51 PM, Douglas Guptill <dguptill at accesswave.ca> wrote:
> >
> > Now there is a mystery.  How would I 'build against' testing?  Would I
> > need to install testing somewhere?
> >
> > I am running squeeze, with some stuff (iceweasel, Libreoffice) from
> > backports.  I cannot risk, or change, that system.  However I have
> > virtualbox, and could install testing in that.  Is that the scenario
> > you are suggesting?
> While you can use virtualbox or kvm, I would recommend schroot. It is
> a (AFAIK) Debian developed wrapper around regular chroot. I have used
> it to run different versions of debian, and different linux
> distributions both 32 and 64bit on my regular Debian. In your case it
> would allow you to develop filerunner on your squeeze system and
> compile it for sid, testing, and stable.
> You workflow would be:
> 1. hack on filerunner with your favorite editor
> 2. build the packages against testing with the command: schroot make
> (or ./configure, or whatever)
> 3. test filerunner running against testing and stable etc.
> 4. repeat.
> Basically:
> sudo mkdir -p /srv/chroot/testing
> sudo debootstrap --include=locales,sudo testing /srv/chroot/testing
> sudo cp /etc/locale.gen /srv/chroot/testing/etc
> sudo chroot /srv/chroot/testing locale-gen
> sudo chroot /srv/chroot/testing visudo
> create the file /etc/schroot/chroot.d/testing.conf
> [testing]
> type=directory
> directory=/srv/chroot/testing
> users=<your username>
> enter the schroot with the command:
> schroot -c testing
> or run a command with
> schroot -c testing some_command
> The schroot command automatically copies files like passwd and mounts
> /home (and some others) within the schroot so it works as a testing
> (or whatever) system within your Debian Stable. You can install
> packages and the like within the schroot without affecting your main
> system. If you haven't changed the default .profile you will have a
> command prompt that includes the schroot name. Do note that it is
> still a chroot, and root in a chroot is as good as root on the main
> system.
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