[nSLUG] Replacing the ailing wiki - Ikiwiki - Hackathon?

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Tue Dec 4 11:24:24 AST 2012

On 12/03/2012 09:22 PM, Douglas Guptill wrote:
> My first thought here is we need to define the purpose of that wiki.
> Our current mailing list works well (for me).

The purpose of having it as a wiki is to stimulate growth and
participation beyond the status quo (i.e. the more ephemeral mailing
list traffic). The current tools are so poor and the amount of crap in
there too high for anyone to care to produce any content of their own. I
hope to help change that.

But that's the future. For the present, the more pressing concern is
what to do about the poor excuse for a wiki we have already, overridden
with spam and not really used by anyone. I think we all agree it needs
to die.

I don't think we need to deliberate for long on either what software to
use or what we are going to use it for. Let's just move on something
that is simple, untaxing on the server's resources, and gets the job
done, while still leaving the door open for future development in
different directions, should we later come up with better ideas. For
now, it needs to be nothing more than a replacement for our home page
plus a few additional pages. The very simplest would be a few static
pages and not a wiki at all. Ikiwiki seems quite well suited to that. If
there are no strong objections to it, I'll take steps to change it. I
can't imagine it would take me long to put up a rudimentary Ikiwiki with
one static page and no access by anyone to change it, plus the
decommissioning of the old wiki. The rest (migration of any old pages we
want to keep) can happen later. If that job can be partitioned and
others want to help, I'll put a call out for help.


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