[nSLUG] Replacing the ailing wiki - Ikiwiki - Hackathon?

Scott L. Cann scottcann1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 11:07:32 AST 2012

Since I brought this up, I will step in and plan the thing.

First, as to my reasoning for updating the web site.
I found out about nSLUG from the web site and I am sure that there are 
others looking for a place to share their geekiness with like minded others.
Also it would be nice to put information about projects that the members 
are working on.
And just having a web presents.

Next, the planning.
A couple of things that need to be worked out.
Who, what, where and when.

Who is interested in participating? This can be just adding your 2 
cents, opinion about what you would like to actually coding or adding 
What type of web site do we need?
Where and when can those who volunteered meet to hack?

The what type of site can be broken down into;
1. what do we want to do with it?
2. what software do we use.

Some of 1 will dictate 2.

OK, please weigh in with your opinion. Let's not fall into flame wars on 
the software. We are about working together.

Now contact me with you availability/interest/skills and any input.


Scott Cann
scottcann1 at gmail.com

On 04/12/12 10:49 AM, Michael Gillie wrote:
> I can't really grab the task of planning, but I wonder if you considered
> Wordpress? The ".org" cms version as opposed to the .com version.
> Michael Gillie
> On 03/12/2012 8:50 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
>> It was mentioned at the meeting that some would like to help with
>> replacing the ailing wiki with something with less suck than our current
>> system. I made some tentative steps towards doing that but the tool I
>> first reached for, Drupal, looks like overkill for our needs. I think if
>> I were to do it, I'd use Ikiwiki. My main problem is I've never gotten
>> around to actually caring enough to do the work to make it happen. It
>> was also suggested by someone (Scott, I think) that maybe if we were to
>> get together for a hackathon some weekend, we could sit down and make it
>> happen. I'd love to do that, except I'd rather someone else do the
>> planning. I'd show up, of course. :) Any takers?
>> Ben
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