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Cliff Cameron treephrog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 22:08:20 AST 2012

My goofy little mini project that may or may not have started the
conversation rolling (I can't remember exactly who brought what up first):

Desktop, Debian or other

Python, preferably 3.x +

A single script, run at startup, that, when configured correctly, will
launch and place various programs at specific points across multiple
monitors (extended desktop).

Dual monitor setup; when the script runs, a browser window opens on monitor
0 (preferably "maximized" or resized to fullscreen); a second browser opens
on monitor 1 (preferably "maximized" or resized to fullscreen); contents of
browsers' tabs are different in each case, but modifying that may not be
(easily) possible via python script.

Desired End Result:
Turn on computer at beginning of day and have the script launch the
programs (that are specified in the script) that I use regularly, instead
of manually launching them individually.

I got as far as being able to make the script launch browser windows on
monitor 0 OR monitor 1, but wasn't able to get it to launch a browser
window on each one at the same time. I'll take a look and see if I can find
the script, but I believe it was lost to hard drive crash a while back.

If this could be written in such a way as to make it easy to expand on
later on (LOTS of comments! I'm an idiot when it comes to programming, make
no mistake) to include other tasks to launch at startup, that would be a

Progressing beyond that, I'd like to be able to modify it, and have a
separate cron job run it for tasks that maybe need to be done every other
day, or few days, or once  a week or once a month, etc.

If I'm reinventing the wheel here, and something like this already exists,
someone let me know!

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 9:19 PM, Douglas Guptill <dguptill at accesswave.ca>wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 08:53:43PM -0400, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > We talked at the meeting a lot about the joys and frustrations of
> > personal projects. We've all had little things on the side, and some of
> > us slightly bigger things, that have been kicking around as ideas and
> > have not yet come to fruition. I'd love to hear more about people's
> > personal projects. If your project has run aground on lack of
> > inspiration or some intractible technical problem, or just needs a fresh
> > set of eyes, and you've got the guts to share your (perhaps half-baked)
> > ideas with the group, don't be shy! Share with us, and maybe we can help
> > encourage you to continue.
> I have one.
> filerunner was discontinued in debian squeeze.  For the lack of a
> maintainer, and because 'there are many equivalents' - not my comment.
> I have tried all the equivalents I can find, and found none to my
> liking.
> I use filerunner in place of a 'desktop'.
> So my project would be to re-introduce filerunner into debian.  The
> problems I see are that I have failed to grasp the intricacies of how
> to interact with the debian masters.  The technical (programming)
> issues I could do, easily.  So if, maybe, Ben could help with that
> high level stuff, I could once again have filerunner on my systems
> without having to manually install filerunner_2.5.1.orig.tar.gz
> Regards,
> Douglas.
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