[nSLUG] Replacing the ailing wiki - Ikiwiki - Hackathon?

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Mon Dec 3 20:50:03 AST 2012

It was mentioned at the meeting that some would like to help with
replacing the ailing wiki with something with less suck than our current
system. I made some tentative steps towards doing that but the tool I
first reached for, Drupal, looks like overkill for our needs. I think if
I were to do it, I'd use Ikiwiki. My main problem is I've never gotten
around to actually caring enough to do the work to make it happen. It
was also suggested by someone (Scott, I think) that maybe if we were to
get together for a hackathon some weekend, we could sit down and make it
happen. I'd love to do that, except I'd rather someone else do the
planning. I'd show up, of course. :) Any takers?


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