[nSLUG] Career Change - Part 4

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Mon Dec 3 08:12:33 AST 2012

On Sun, 2 Dec 2012, Daniel MacKay wrote:

> Richard:
>>> I've been using Waze, ( https://www.waze.com/ ) navigation / trap 
>>> tool on my iPhone, to get to the job sites (runs on Android too.) 
>>> It routes based on traffic, will route you around accidents, and 
>>> is kind of fun too! And it speaks directions.
>>> It also alerts you to (crowdsourced) "traps" - all kinds of 
>>> hazards including traffic jams, speed traps, accidents, road 
>>> hazards etc, and has a gas prices feature which would be handy 
>>> almost anywhere else :-)
>> ***   How does it get current information for all that?
> All of that live data is crowdsourced from the app itself - the 
> traffic speed data automatically, the trap data by you hitting 
> Hazard --> Type of Hazard --> Subtype --> Send on the app.  There 
> appear to be a lot of local Waze users.

***   OK.

> And, you can make corrections to the map itself; their map editor is 
> on line (as a JS, I think, app) so after you get a certain number of 
> experience points you can edit the map that everyone uses, e.g. 
> last week at a job site in a new subdivision I added a new road and 
> its intersection with the existing roads.

***   Cool!  (-:


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