[nSLUG] Career Change - Part 4

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Sun Dec 2 10:54:55 AST 2012


>> I've been using Waze, ( https://www.waze.com/ ) navigation / trap tool on my iPhone, to get to the job sites (runs on Android too.) It routes based on traffic, will route you around accidents, and is kind of fun too! And it speaks directions.
>> It also alerts you to (crowdsourced) "traps" - all kinds of hazards including traffic jams, speed traps, accidents, road hazards etc, and has a gas prices feature which would be handy almost anywhere else :-)
> ***   How does it get current information for all that?

All of that live data is crowdsourced from the app itself - the traffic speed data automatically, the trap data by you hitting Hazard --> Type of Hazard --> Subtype --> Send on the app.  There appear to be a lot of local Waze users.

And, you can make corrections to the map itself; their map editor is on line (as a JS, I think, app) so after you get a certain number of experience points you can edit the map that everyone uses, e.g.  last week at a job site in a new subdivision I added a new road and its intersection with the existing roads.


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