[nSLUG] Career Change - Part 4

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Dec 2 10:26:04 AST 2012

On Sat, 1 Dec 2012, Daniel MacKay wrote:
> I'm delighted by how my body has responded to this challenge - going 
> directly from a desk job to being on my feet eight hours a day, and 
> climbing ladders, more often than not with a solar panel or a box of 
> evacutated tubes on my shoulder twenty times a day.

***   Hmm, as stage lighting designer and director, more or less what 
you are now doing has been my job for all my life starting in junior 
high school -- glad I skipped the desk job.  (-:  The only desk work I 
do is designing at the computer, plus some bookkeeping and e-mail 
correspondence with clients. I also do the upkeep of my webpages every 
few months.

> I've been using Waze, ( https://www.waze.com/ ) navigation / trap 
> tool on my iPhone, to get to the job sites (runs on Android too.) It 
> routes based on traffic, will route you around accidents, and is 
> kind of fun too! And it speaks directions.
> It also alerts you to (crowdsourced) "traps" - all kinds of hazards 
> including traffic jams, speed traps, accidents, road hazards etc, 
> and has a gas prices feature which would be handy almost anywhere 
> else :-)

***   How does it get current information for all that?

> From days on the roof I come home glowing with a farmer's tan

***   You should consider using sunblock; tanning is risky these days.
A tan is the body's way of trying to blocking dangerous radiation. 
Plus, sunlight in any amount ages the skin.

> And, I'm gradually learning when to wear gloves on the job site (The 
> answer, in case you hadn't guessed, is "almost always.") and the 
> lacerations, from the first couple of weeks are healing nicely.  I 
> don't actually mind cuts and blood; I consider my body's ability to 
> heal from those something miraculous, and watching that miracle a 
> couple of times in the last month has been kind of fun.  And I 
> haven't required any stitches.

***   Perhaps so, but one's hands get leathery if unprotected.

    My solution to being sure I wear gloves when needed is to have a 
belt clip for them. You'll praise the clip after a few times looking 
for gloves laid down somewhere.

> I'll still be around on NSLUG, but I won't bue geekin' it up 
> nine-to-five any more.  It's a good change.

***   Glad you are happy, Dan.


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