[nSLUG] Career Change - Part 2

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Sat Dec 1 11:06:47 AST 2012

As all of you know, I've been secretary of the Solar Nova Scotia for the last couple of decades, with not a rabid, but a persistent, interest in renewable energy and buildings which need very little energy to stay warm and lit.

A month ago, several stars aligned for a risk-free trial of a new career in solar energy - specifically installing & servicing all kinds of renewable energy equipment.  I'm working for a couple of veterans in the business, Richard Vinson and Sandy Hines (Sandy also used to be in IT and in fact in the early '90s we worked together when he was at the Nova Scotia Research Foundation and I was hooking up the Internets.)  The web pages for these are:


(the latter is the destination site for the merged businesses but for now, everyone's way too busy to be working on websites.)

I've been collecting photos of interesting parts of my new job in a FB album: "This is what my new office looks like" - many roofs, a 60' crane to service a wind turbine, plumber's dream basements, and electrician's nightmares.


(sorry, non FB users, I'm too lazy to do a non-FB album.)

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