[nSLUG] Any users of horde 4/imp 5?

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:22:02 ADT 2011

Curious if anyone has implemented horde 4 and/or imp 5.

They use only one button for reply, which somehow
dynamically decides whether to reply to all or reply to sender.
In actual experience with mailman lists where we have specified
reply to sender is preferred for the mailing list,
DIMP (within IMP) always does Reply to All.

Had a long debate about this with developers and they want to
retain the one button Reply rather than fall back to the
conventional Reply and Reply All dual button options.

In our real world results with users, there were more erroneous
"reply all" occurrences.  Realizing how damaging the loss
of confidentiality can be to end users, I disabled the DIMP
interface and we are forcing the IMP interface, where the
conventional Reply/Reply All dual buttons are shown.

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