[nSLUG] New Nova Scotia Open Source mirror, mirror.its.dal.ca

Scott Walsh walsh at cs.dal.ca
Tue Sep 6 08:19:26 ADT 2011

We're in the process of enabling IPv6, and something went south in the
legacy DNS system when adding the 'AAAA' record, which clobbered the 'A'
record (and still failed to create the 'AAAA' record). This was relayed
to me but ITS, as I don't have access to the DNS tools myself.

Our traffic dropped by about 88x (normally 600GB/day down to 6.8GB/day)
during the DNS.

On 11-08-28 07:56 PM, D G Teed wrote:
> I suspect whatever happened to the DNS/host management
> there was an oddity and it won't happen again in many years.

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