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Monte Stevens montkemp at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 4 22:48:00 ADT 2011

rejean chamberland <laudire2you at yahoo.ca> writes:

> I am sorry everyone!
> Somebody is definitely using my Yahoo email against my will. I had about 15 notifications from Yahoo this morning. I could use some suggestions as to how I could fix the problem.
> Once again I want to say that I am not doing all that spaming. I use Mandriva all the time and I thought that I was well protected but it doesn't look like it.

It seems as if both the above mail from you, and the previous mail from
your new friend were sent using the Yahoo! webmail client.  If I wanted
to prevent my new friend from accessing my Yahoo! account, I would
change my Yahoo! password.

If you suspect your machine is working against you, in that it is
letting your new friend know what your new password is, you may wish to
use another machine to change your password.

I might also contact Yahoo! with the IP address of my new friend.

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-- Monte

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