[nSLUG] Free--old bits and pieces

Daniel Arndt danielarndt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 23:27:59 AST 2011

I have some old bits and pieces lying around that I've been too busy to do
anything with. I don't have the means for testing them, but most of the
stuff should be in working order (don't be surprised if it isn't though).
They are for pickup only. I live very close to Barrington and South in
Halifax. Figured I'd ask if anyone wants anything before I recycle it all.

-Old ATX case in rough shape w/ ASUS P5LD2 Motherboard, Intel Pentium 4 CPU
@ 3GHz (the pins that hold the fan/heatsink on are broken, so this would
need fixing), 4GB DDR2 Ram, 400W power supply, no hard drive.  (NOTE:
Something died in this and I never had time to look at what, I'd like to
get rid of this all as one big piece if possible. If you want it just for
the RAM or something, consider taking the rest of it to the depot for me)
-Intel Core 2 CPU @ 2.13 GHz w/ fan/heatsink (working fine the last time it
was in a motherboard)
-ABIT-VA-10 Motherboard w/ 800MHz CPU, and 1 x 256MB DDR PC333 RAM (working
last time I used it. Should still be fine)
-1 GB DDR2 Laptop RAM (PC2-6400, 800MHz)
-300W ATX Power supply
-Zoltrix TV Max TV Tuner Card (PCI, S-VIDEO, RCA video in, Cable in, audio
out. Never tested)
-DLink PCI ethernet card (working fine last used)
-Floppy drive (never tested)
-LG 2x DVD writer - IDE (I think it had troubles opening/closing without
using the release)
-50x AOpen CD-ROM drive - IDE (I think it was working fine, if not it was
just the open/close like above)

First claim for anything or everything gets it. Any questions, ask. Be
greedy if you just like parts, since it is difficult for me to get rid of
this stuff. :)
Daniel Arndt

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