[nSLUG] Thunderbird and a cloaked attachment...

robbie macg robbie.macg at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 10:32:37 ADT 2011

Hi David,
I use Thunderbird on both of my systems (each is in someway built
around Ubuntu 11.10) to manage multiple work accounts.
Sometimes, when quickly browsing a directory, I will find that the
graphic clue (in my case a paper clip) which lets users see at a
glance whether a message includes an attachment might take a moment to
load. This usually only the case when the following conditions are
-I've been processing a large volume of mail
-I'm looking at items I've recently placed in a new subfolder
-I have not previously viewed a message's contents.

I have not experienced this problem when using the search function,
but have experienced some issues searching messages that were backed
up locally, when the back up was preformed manually. It's usually just
been a matter of reestablishing things in Thunderbird so that it's
searching all current material in
~/home/User/.thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.default/Mail/Local Folders.

I'm curious to know if you used Thunderbird's search function to try
to find you message, or if you simply scrolled the appropriate
directory. I'd also be curious to know, if you were able to locate the
message in question via the GUI, and selected it, if the attachment
(and the related icon) might reappear.
Do you want to give that a shot and let us know what happens? I'd be
interested to know if you're dealing with a known issue or something
we should file  a bug on.


p.s. I'm assuming you're running the most current version of T-bird
(7.0.1), and that that's just a little typo in the original message.
If not, I'm not going to be much help.

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> I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 with all current updates and Thunderbird 1.0.1.
> which is current.
> About a week ago I received an important email with a moderate size pdf
> attachment that rendered and printed ok. I went back to check the
> document a couple of days ago and could not find the attachment in any
> of the messages that referenced the file/topic.
> Yesterday I finally used Thunderbird to display the message source and
> 'lo and behold' the attachment is there in the message but not displayed
> in the attachment list by Thunderbird.
> I went back to the manual tools and used uudeview to 'recover' the
> attachment.
> David
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