[nSLUG] used servers

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Thu Nov 3 14:01:00 ADT 2011

Just a cautionary note about the lovely  hardware that Dop has let us know about.

If using for a server or play thing they may require SCSI drives.  Unless you have a 
source for low cost pulls, they may not be the least expensive way to go.  Also most 
older SCSI drives were, compared to today, very low capacity.

These older units were quite power hungry compared to the recent hardware.  I ran a test 
server here with Dual quad core CPUs and 4 SAS drives on test / configuration, for about 
2 months.  This was new hardware, a Proliant 350 G6.  It added nearly $60.00 to my power 
bill!!  That is about $720 a year.

These units give off heat and may have noisy fans to keep them cool.  May not be the 
friendliest units to have in a small space.

You can see that with these considerations, an ATOM based motherboard in a small desktop 
case may cost upfront cash, but may be cheaper and more compatible in your surroundings 
over the long run.

Just some things to be aware about.  I was all excited about getting some free used DEC 
systems a while back.  Till I found out they were water cooled and needed 20Amp service.

Jim H

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