[nSLUG] [OFF-TOPIC] EastLink doing DPI/Blocking traffic?

Eri Ramos Bastos bastos.eri at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 11:34:37 AST 2011

Hello, List.

We just had an interesting situation here.

My company provides SaaS for hundreds of customers on North America
and Caribbean regions and we use non-standard ports and home-grown
encryption methods.

Today, out of of the blue, we had at least 4 different clients from
HRM calling saying they were unable to connect. After a long
troubleshoot we found that:

1- All those clients are using EastLink cable Internet
2- Disabling encryption would allow the clients to connect (on the
same port they were unable to connect using encryption)

The problem persisted for about 1 hour or so and just went away by itself.

Is anyone aware if EastLink is doing deep package inspection now?

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