[nSLUG] Anyone else use xtide?

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 07:42:43 ADT 2011

I'm wondering if we have any users in Nova Scotia who
found xtide useful.

In recent years the number of stations it could report was vastly
decreased, due to some restrictions on use of the data.
The federal government privatized the service which
collected much of the tidal measurement data and we
are left with only the stations handled by Fisheries and Oceans.

The maker of xtide doesn't want to publish the old harmonics
data from many years ago as it will be inaccurate now.  However,
for people like me, that would acceptable.  I don't use it for sailing
("navigational purposes").  I'd be happy with the "Swimming and
Sand Castles" version where tides could be wrong by 40 minutes
and it doesn't matter.

In particular, I wished there was a useable station along the
N.S. north shore (as there used to be).  I like to book vacation
for a week where the tide is coming in during the afteroon
and if its sunny, the sand warms the water to bathtub temperatures.

There are some websites which publish this data in charts, but I've
always liked xtide's graphic display and the ability to
run my own xttpd.

Has anyone else used xtide much?
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