Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Wed Jul 27 14:56:38 ADT 2011

Guys this is an oldie and maybe a goodie..

Intel STL2 server board with 1 Socket 370 processor 800MHZ  

1 GB of RAM

3 - 17 GB SCSI disks in RAID 5 configuration give 34 gb useable space..

The RAID is enabled as the Intel Integrated RAID via the Option ROM.

Currently this unit has Windows server 2003 which will be remvoed prior to pick up.

Th unit boots without errors.

It is in a Server case with single Power supply  It includes a CD ROM.and a FLOPPY 

There is an Adaptec SCSI controller in a PCIx64 slot.

This unit is PICK UP ONLY

FIRST CALL GETS IT.  The sooner it is gone the more space I will have .......

My cell number is 499-5250

Jim Haliburton

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