[nSLUG] Problems with Ubuntu following upgrade to release 10.04.2 LTS

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Wed Jul 27 13:56:05 ADT 2011

Hi Frank

Please give me a call (number below) and maybe I can provide further help.

Frank Geitzler wrote:
> On July 13, 2011, I started Update Manager on my Compaq Presario CQ61 to
> see if there were any recent updates I should apply. It indicated that
> the LTS release I had been using was no longer supported, and the only
> update now available was to the above release. I decided to install that
> release, and did so successuflly. Everything appeared to go well, and a
> few days later (unfortunately, I didn't note the date when this
> occurred) I checked for further updates and saw that there were about 9
> available, including some security updates. What harm could it do? I
> selected to install them all, and did so. Again, it appeared to be
> successful, but since then when I attempt to start up my system, Umbutu
> starts up, but when the logon prompt should appear on the desktop, I
> hear three drum rolls and the system appears to hang.

I assume by "when the logon prompt should appear" you mean the GUI login 
screen. At that point, can you do a CTRL/ALT/F1 and get a command line 
login prompt? If so, Windows has definitely not interfered with the dual 
boot process.

> I have dual boot with Windows7, which does boot up successfully (and
> which did an automatic update about the same time as the problem
> appeared). Someone at the Halifax Computer Club Monday night suggested
> that the Windows update may have interfered with the dual boot process.
> I suppose that is possible, but don't have the background Linux
> experience to figure out the problem. I can boot into a command line,

When the GRUB menu screen appears so can can select which of Ubuntu and 
Windows you want to boot, is there a menu item providing a boot into 
"single-user mode"? If so, when you select this, do you get to a screen 
whose last line asks you to either enter the root password for 
maintenance or CTRL/D to proceed with normal bootup?

If so, again Windows has definitely not interfered with the dual boot 

> and could look around if I know where to look, and if I knew what I was
> looking at. I plan to bring it to the meeting on August 8th, and would
> welcome any suggestions or assistance in the meantime. I am running
> WindowsXP on my desktop system, which does not have Linux installed.
> Frank Geitzler
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