[nSLUG] Additional Tuesday meetings in the fall?

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Mon Jul 25 14:57:58 ADT 2011

We've lost some members who used to be able to attend meetings on
Tuesdays who, due to long term commitments for Monday cannot attend.

But I don't want to exclude people who currently favour Monday,
especially since we've been fairly successful at maintaining a
good-sized crowd on that day.

Therefore, what I propose is to meet bi-monthly, on the first Monday of
the month as we are now, and also on the third Tuesday of the month, to
be inclusive of those who can't make it Monday. Of course, the
super-enthusiastic may wish to attend on both days. :)

Comments? Kudos? Rotten tomatoes? Counter-proposals?


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