[nSLUG] apt policy weight

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 20:19:24 ADT 2011

OK, I found the source of the problem by deduction from
the response to my bug report #633784 .

There is a file on the one system called:


dpkg -S shows it does not belong to any package.  I suspect some
deb config type of thing set it up, as I did not play with pinning
in the history of this system.

In the file it contained:

APT::Default-Release "squeeze";

Seems normal enough, however this caused the policy weight
on squeeze repo and security to be 990 while squeeze-updates
are the default 500.

When I remove that file, all repos return to the default 500 weight.

I believe there is a bug there, but as I can't attach it to any cause or
package, not much to report.

If anyone else finds their squeeze-updates don't get preference over the
squeeze package, this could be why.


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