[nSLUG] Help needed

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Sun Jan 30 10:53:20 AST 2011

Good Day to all;

I have a situation where a clients Cenots OS Linux unit broke after an update.  

named and spamassassin ( Spamd & spamc ) broke after a recent flurry of updates.  I have 
been unable to fix whatever broke. I am comfortale with many aspects of setting up Linux 
servers and doing initial configuration.  When, things that I deal with infrequently 
break, I have problems

I am looking to hire on a per hour basis someone who has a good understanding of named 
and spamc, spamd and spamassassin.  If anyone is familiar with these processes and 
understands the permissions issues and locations of the various configuration and 
associated files, I would like to hear from you.  I would require them to ssh in to a 
server and fix the issues, or alternatively to accompany me to the client site and deal 
with the machine directly.

Please reply to jim at on-site.ns.ca with experience, terms and availability.  

This work does NOT have to be done during business hours, and there is some advantage to 
both the client and a respondent for after hours work.

Thanks for your interest.

Jim Haliburton

James A. Haliburton
On-Site Computer Services of Halifax
Suite 100, 25 Walton Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada     B3N 1X6
Office/ Cell           : (902)499-5250
Home/After Hours : (902)477-8342
e-mail      : jim at on-site.ns.ca

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