[nSLUG] Timelyness

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Tue Jan 11 18:10:38 AST 2011

I enjoyed reading the digest form of the nslug postings today.  The digest form was sent 
at 16:59 GMT today, Tuesday.  The discussion was all about weather people were coming to 
the Uncommon Grounds get together,.............. yesterday.

In fact the oldest post in the digest is dated a week ago on the 4th.

So I have to enquire.  How is the timing, of the digest version of nslug, set?  I know it 
is difficult for me to ever get to an event, but sometimes I am leaving clients in the 
south end and could show up.  

Unfortunately getting the reminder the day after means I would have to reactivate my time 
travel portal, and the recent electrical rate hike makes me a little reluctant to do 
this.  Is there another option??

With tongue in cheek he says the above.


Jim H

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