[nSLUG] rsync questions

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Tue Feb 22 09:33:32 AST 2011

> I normally also do not use the rsync server, and prefer 
> to go over the default ssh connection, which may be more secure, tested, 
> and robust.  I use it even on a LAN.

I *do* use the rsync server, because it (well, mine does) runs as root and can write files as root; so when I do a backup of files from one machine to another, they have correct owners, modification dates and permissions.

As well as a fairly sophisticated username / password system (e.g. each username only has access to the things that you specify), the rsync server can be configured (per username) to only accept connections from particular hosts, and for even more fussiness you could put it behind tcpwrapper or iptables etc.

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