[nSLUG] KDE 3.x on Squeeze - Trinity anyone?

Johnathan Thibodeau jthibo at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Feb 18 02:06:33 AST 2011

I also tend to have many (usually hovers around 50-60) tabs on the go at 
any time. Between that and Google, I haven't used bookmarks in about 10 
years. I have to install Tab Mix Plus on any machine of mine with Firefox 
(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-mix-plus/). I can't 
stand the default vertical tab listing; having multiple rows of tabs I 
find is a good trade-off for the loss of a bit of real estate.

As far as window managers go, I really liked KDE 1, but when KDE 2 came 
out it put me off completely. I started using KDE because it was faster 
and lighter than Enlightenment, but I found KDE 2 threw that right out 
the... window.

So I went to WindowMaker and never looked back. Simple, no mess 
decorations, and uses just a few megs of memory.

*Goes to dig out the NeXT slab from the basement...*

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011, Daniel Morrison wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm like Ted: I have ~55 firefox tabs open right now. But I've got
> them spread between only two actual windows. I would think nothing of
> opening another couple of dozen tabs -- this is typical. When I'm
> ebaying, I may middle-click tab-open many links before I check them
> out. I've also got only 2GB of RAM. (slack64-13.0 core2duo)
> My PC at work struggles with probably close to 100 tabs. I discovered
> a bug -- I'm not sure if it's in firefox or gnome, but when the tab
> list menu is longer than the screen, it scrolls. Sometimes, even when
> I can make it scroll down, something keeps resetting it to the top, so
> I can't click on any tab past the bottom of the screen. And sometimes
> moving the firefox window around a little bit will avoid the
> scroll-reset problem, but more likely I give up. So instead I often
> click the first tab, then press Ctrl-Shift-Tab to cycle around to the
> end of the list. Crazy, I know.
> I like tabs because I don't like having a huge number of windows in my
> window list. But otherwise, I work with virtual desktops (as they're
> called in fvwm). This desktop is email and browsing, that one is
> coding, this one is work email, etc.
> I can't STAND being forced to use Ctrl-Alt-left/right to switch
> virtual desktops in gnome. I think the pager apps in gnome and almost
> all other common desktops are almost completely useless. In fvwm (my
> home desktop), the pager shows you miniature windows in it. The active
> one is highlighted. Hover over any window and its title appears in a
> tooltip. You can middle-click and drag the miniature windows from one
> desktop to another, in the pager -- without ever seeing the actual
> window! Or you can drag a window out of the pager and into the current
> desktop. You can middle-click on a window to cause it to receive
> keyboard focus -- even if that window is on another desktop! Of course
> you can left-click to switch desktops, but you can also right-click to
> place the 'viewport' at any arbitrary position, perhaps straddled over
> multiple desktops.
> I can flip desktops with the keyboard (I use Ctrl-left/up/right/down)
> or with the mouse. The percent movement can be configured; some months
> ago I changed from my default for the mouse from 100% (complete page
> flip) to 5%. So I get an enormous virtual desktop that side-scrolls
> when I move the mouse past the edge. I haven't quite decided whether
> to keep it yet or not.
> I tried out KDE 4 when I installed a system with it for a friend. At
> first I found it completely frustrating. I quickly searched for and
> implemented the pseudo-compatibility "cheat", once again allowing
> icons to be placed on the desktop. After quite a bit of reading I
> finally felt that I grokked the concepts the new interface is designed
> around, and appreciated the attempt they have made. For all the people
> who complain: "Why doesn't the Linux crowd ever *innovate*, instead of
> just copying Windows and Mac?" -- KDE 4 is a good attempt.
> Unfortunately it is difficult for the ordinary person to get what
> they're trying to do (case in point: I no longer remember the concepts
> I claim to have understood!)
> I've never been a fan of KDE (we let you configure everything that
> doesn't matter!) or Gnome (we configure everything for you. Sit still,
> this won't hurt a bit...) What do you mean, I can't move a window UP
> past the menu bar?! <sigh> (Yes, I know they've improved).
> So some years ago I decided to create my ideal environment in fvwm,
> and coded an fvwm config file from scratch. As I don't like gazillions
> of windows cluttering up my window list, if I had to have many of the
> same type of window (e.g. monitoring terminals) I would probably apply
> the 'WindowListSkip' style to their class or some such thing. Of
> course then 'alt-tab' or however you invoke your window list (and the
> taskbar, if you have one, but I don't) wouldn't show those windows at
> all. (And as I don't have an iconbox, I once 'lost' a window; I
> accidentally minimized a window with Style 'WindowListSkip'!)
> I wrote some small fvwm functions to make window bookmarks. I click
> the 'bookmark window' menu item, and then click a target window. (I
> could just as easily have assigned a keyboard shortcut to bookmark the
> currently active window). Then I can always get back to that window
> (even if it's moved desktops or is minimized) by clicking its title in
> the bookmarks menu. I never got around to writing a 'remove from
> bookmarks' function (it seemed too hard) so there's just 'clear all
> bookmarks'. They get cleared when you end your session in any case.
> Alternately you could use the window title bars themselves as "menu"
> items. Keep them all windowshaded and (if available) have the window
> manager 'tile' them all in one desktop. Then just un-shade the one you
> want to work with.
> I just read in the fvwm man page that the window list has an
> 'OnlySkipList' option (or 'OnlyListSkip', there appears to be a
> contradiction). The idea is:
> ----
> If you wanted to use the WindowList as an icon manager, you could
> invoke the following:
> WindowList OnlyIcons, Sticky, OnTop, Geometry
> (Note - the Only options essentially wipe out all other ones... but
> the OnlyListSkip option which just causes WindowList to only consider
> the windows with WindowListSkip style.)
> ----
> So you could use a separate WindowList instance to hold only the
> windows NOT in the regular (e.g. alt-tab, taskbar, etc) window list.
> And since fvwm can be configured on the fly, it could be possible to
> click or use a key combo to toggle a particular window's style on or
> off, in to the special, or 'skip' windowlist.
> Just some ideas, and some promotion for fvwm. It's certainly NOT
> flashy. It's functional. I'll never say I've finished my "ideal window
> manager environment", but rather I just stopped working on it when it
> was "good enough". Or perhaps the intervals between instances when I
> am compelled to tweak it or add a feature have become measured in
> years...
> -D.
> On 16 February 2011 23:57, D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:33 PM, Ted Tibbetts <intuited at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Actually, I would have expected there to be an option somewhere in the
>>> GNOME preferences for this, probably in the Desktop applet.  These people
>>> seem to think it's possible, unless I've misunderstood the point entirely,
>>> or it's an ubuntu-specific enhancement (which seems
>>> unlikely): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=472291
>> Thanks, this works for gnome.
>> It isn't obvious where this is.  In the bottom left corner of the screen,
>> you've got the widget to "hide all windows and show the desktop".
>> To the right of that, before your first open task, is three vertical dots.
>> Right click on this small region and it has "Preferences" as an option.
>> Now I select "Always group windows".  That is exactly what I wanted.
>> Unbelievable they bury this and don't include it in the Gnome Control Panel.
>> Thanks again.  One less problem...
>> --Donald
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