[nSLUG] Re: Google poisoning (Was: KDE 3.x on Squeeze - Trinity anyone?)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Feb 17 04:16:29 AST 2011

Ted Tibbetts <intuited at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm a bit confused about this example.  My second search was...
> ...
> I don't see any "poisoned" results in the top 10.
> ...
> Does such "poisoning" only last for a short period of time?  I've
> noticed that posts on, e.g. stackoverflow.com will rank high in the
> google results for an hour or a few and then normally fall down to
> some lower point.

Possibly my use of the "07719" part number may have helped google find
my own posts.  I haven't experimented with or verified anything about
"google poisoning".  My remark (that I'd seen it) was a true but
trivial factoid.

> <http://shoeking.ca/c0031.html#i0000393>
> Is that what you are looking for?  

Exactly, except....

Getting wayyy off topic here, yes but no.  Exactly what I want except
that the boots pictured there have D-rings at and above the instep.
That was the very last variant made before the line was dropped.  For
decades, they were made with hooks, not D-rings, at and above the
instep, which is what I want.

I'm prepared to remove the D-rings and replace them with hooks from
old boots (Never throw anything away! :-) but Shoeking only has size
13 still in stock.

> They are decidedly not cheap.

You could say that. :-\ Their price is 60-70% higher than the price of
the last pair I bought circa 2008, 60-70% higher than current price of
boots of similar style and (speciously alleged to be of similar)
quality from same mfgr.  I think they're an outlier of some kind on
the price distribution.

> However, the same boots do seem to be available from at least one
> other retailer.

Yeah, places list them on their web catalogs but they don't got 'em.
So, for that matter, does the mfgr, J.B. Goodhue (now borged by
Indeka) despite having none on hand anywhere.  Lotsa webmasters
(or their Marketing Droid Overlords) slacking off here and there.

If you can confirm that any such site you may unearth actually has
size 12 in stock (and, of course, tell me about it :-) I will be

> Salutations

Thanks for paying attention to my conspicuously off topic

- Mike

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