[nSLUG] Google poisoning (Was: KDE 3.x on Squeeze - Trinity anyone?)

Michael Hannon mhannon at dal.ca
Thu Feb 17 01:18:22 AST 2011

Mike Spencer wrote:
> Not addressing the original KDE topic but....
> Donald wrote:

> While I'm kinda google-bashing: We all know that many names, terms and
> even phrases are so heavily used, if only in one domain such as IT,
> that specific info referenced by those words may be lost in a haystack.
> But wait!  Our target uses a unique spelling or lexical construct, so
> we'll search that!  But google kindly fixes if for you (because you
> obviously have made a mistake) and delivers the haystack.  Ho hum.

On that front, you can put a '+' before your search term to force google 
to search whatever spelling you used (eg '+toshieba' searches for 
'toshieba', while 'toshieba' searches for 'toshiba').

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