[nSLUG] Google poisoning (Was: KDE 3.x on Squeeze - Trinity anyone?)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Feb 17 00:40:54 AST 2011

Not addressing the original KDE topic but....

Donald wrote:

> At this point, my research in google is becoming poisoned by myself.
> As I think of different terms to search for, I now find sites which
> archive things like the debian users list and my own question fills
> the first page of matches in google.  The question is only a few
> hours old.

I've seen that.  I'm looking for a particular make & model of workboot
that has been out of production for a few years.  My initial search
turned up what you would expect: businesses that still advertise them
but no longer have them in stock.

Follow-up was to post in various places.  Still no luck.

Then, on a later search, my own posts came up at or near the top of
google's hits.  Oy.

While I'm kinda google-bashing: We all know that many names, terms and
even phrases are so heavily used, if only in one domain such as IT,
that specific info referenced by those words may be lost in a haystack.

But wait!  Our target uses a unique spelling or lexical construct, so
we'll search that!  But google kindly fixes if for you (because you
obviously have made a mistake) and delivers the haystack.  Ho hum.

So: Anybody know where I can get a pair of size 12, J.B. Goodhue,
model #07719, "Oil Rigger" style workboots?  Those are the ones with
the red laces and lacing hooks above the instep, formerly sold under
the Matterhorn marque.

Ooop.  Made it worse.  8-)

- Mike

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