[nSLUG] KDE 3.x on Squeeze - Trinity anyone?

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Wed Feb 16 23:21:49 AST 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 10:44 PM, Vikram Chhatre
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> Yeah, that's a problem.  I don't think fluxbox has a solution for that.  I
> never had that problem because I never have more than 7 or 8 tabs open on
> firefox, so I can usually easily locate the one I want.
> Of course I assume that 50 is an exaggerated number.  No browser can handle
> that many tabs at once, at least not comfortably.
> Is this stacking feature supported in KDE or GNOME?
> V

Over the course of a few days of work, I often have over 50 open terminals.
Sometimes I have up to 16 or more open browser windows.

For example, I don't want to log in to the mail server each and every time
someone needs amavisd-release run.  I look after many systems, and
when I'm in project mode I might have more than 2 terminals open on
one system.  My days have plenty of multi-tasking.

I wasn't able to get KDE 4 working with customized "plasma" launchers, and
after 30 minutes of finding everything in it unintuitive and time consuming,
I decided it wasn't the KDE I knew.

I'm not sure of the correct term for what I'm looking for.  There is a
page about compositing window manager, and it mentions many interfaces
for flipping through active sessions.  They are all horrible because when
the number of options is large, the user actions required to flip through
is too enormous.  I just want a pop up row of active session titles in 2D,
I click on one and it is active, or right click and send it to a different
virtual window.  Kicker had this.  Two actions and the rest of the work
was done by my eyeballs against a static display, not repeated actions
in the keyboard or mouse.

At this point, my research in google is becoming poisoned by myself.
As I think of different terms to search for, I now find sites which
archive things like the debian users list and my own question
fills the first page of matches in google.  The question is only
a few hours old.  Good grief.

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